New Home, New Book

Welcome to my website. For 25 years, I’ve been a minor poet in a major city, first in the Los Angeles Times, now here.

This is the place where you can catch new columns on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or get info on my hiking and gin clubs. Or just send me a note.

The big news, other than the wedding, is my new book, “Lavender in Your Lemonade.”

In March, I started throwing out daily lifelines about living with a pandemic. Those daily notes, spanning several months, became this book. 

Hope you’ll check it out. In any case, welcome aboard!

Soothing Thoughts in Troubled Times

Direct from the archives of my facebook

Spinning Baseballs

The Greeks have a word for all this: Anagnorisis. It’s when, in the heat of a moment, a character discovers his true identity.

Hot-Buttered Fun

Like Poe, I raise a glass of ale, filled “with mingled cream and amber,” and toast this cozy little place.

Help! Uber!

As I update the house – perhaps for the last time – I am accumulating home expenses as if they are massive gambling debts.

This Old Couch

When we flipped the old couch to haul it out, it produced $425.25 in loose nickels, 11 socks, a Yanni CD and a lavender brassier