Best Wishes for the Weekend

 Fifty wishes for a soft summer Saturday:

I wish you fresh flowers.

I wish you hot showers.

I wish your heart had a backup.

I wish Starbucks held Happy Hours.

I wish my toaster made cheese.

I wish Prince Harry some peace.

I wish Meghan Markle some empathy.

I wish stethoscopes were warmer.

I wish Phoenix was colder.

I wish the Duchess of Sussex was the name of an old pool hall in Moline.

I wish the world had more Californias.

I wish nice guys finished first.

I wish my backyard had limes.

I wish milk was like friendship, better with time.

I wish wishes cost a mere dime.

I wish Sinatra one more song.

I wish Kobe one more 3.

I wish that when knees wore out, you could just grow another one.

I wish I’d taken more risks when I was younger.

I wish kids didn’t grow up so fast.

I wish pumpkins ate idiots.

I wish the birds loved the bees.

When I order martinis, I wish they came with a little dish of cashews.

I wish Mondays felt like Fridays.

Words I wish I’d never heard: Polyps, late fees, algorithms, Kardashians.

When I order the fish, I wish I’d ordered the burger.

When I order a salad, I wish I’d ordered the ribs.

I wish all stadiums were first-come, first-serve.

I wish you a magic wand.

I wish I could grow you some magic beans.

I wish I could tell crypto from candy corn.

I wish my son had seen Jim Brown play. Or Bird. Or Bob Gibson.

I wish Al Michaels was back on Sunday nights.

I wish Mike Trout would win a ring.

I wish we’d treat old people as well as we treat movie stars.

I wish I had the world on a string.

I wish three wrongs made a right.

I wish I could catch lightning in a bottle.

I wish the second time was the charm.

I wish we could go home again.

I wish there were more drive-in movies.

I wish there were more Dog n Suds.

I wish laughter came in a roll-on.

I wish time healed all wounds.

I wish that, when life changes, we could too.

I wish broccoli tasted like Cheerios.

I wish wishes were prayers.

I wish hope grew on trees.

Till then, I wish you good health.

And if wishes were water, I would wish you the sea.

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36 thoughts on “Best Wishes for the Weekend

  1. Sweet, delightful, thought and smile-provoking, as always. How did you come up with “I wish pumpkins ate idiots”? Ah, that unique brain of yours! I wish you continued love, happiness and creativity, Chris.

  2. Spent the weekend in the Quad cities last weekend (oldest daughter graduated from Augustana) and had dinner in Moline. Great town with lots of character. But you are correct, no pool hall by that name. Wishful thinking.

  3. I wish for you all of the happiness, joy, laughter and love you bring to others with your words. Thank you.

  4. Great column this week. Those ribs look like Azeka’s! I wish you a fabulous weekend!

  5. Dare I mention the favorite wish you listed? These are all wonderful but the one that made me laugh out loud was the one you wished you had never heard.

  6. If I published prayer books, I would include this column, so this wish would come true: “I wish wishes were prayers.”

  7. I believe I have seen the flower girls of the future!
    It’s a great look. Congratulations, Rapunzel!
    Let down your hair.
    Your Prince is near!

  8. Just lovely. Sent it to Ruthie and the rest of the family. And I may start every day from now on by re-reading it.

  9. I wish you never stop writing and sending your column. It causes smiles, tears, wistfulness.
    I wish that all your wishes come true.

  10. Your essential kindness is like the weather here, both visibly and invisibly permeating every letter. I wish you the lifted veil of June gloom, revealing the vast blue expanse of the sea far out and below, as you stand on a Saturday morning at the yawning break of the cliffs with your splendid silver sliver gleaming and nested at your side, the dog with the shining eyes at your feet. I wish your future to be as bright and grand and expansive as the view.. And, of course, beyond all vision, I wish you love, in all its many weathered guises.

  11. That is funny….I got down to a choice between fish and chips and the burger at Mike and Ann’s in South Pas on Thursday night. I knew I would be taking 1/2 of each home for another meal….I thought…It is a toss up now…but tomorrow I will want the burger…so that’s the way I went.

  12. I wish you’d plant a dwarf lime tree in your backyard so that you would have a crop of fresh limes like me!

  13. I wish you would get a Dwarf Lime tree — (sometimes called “Bartender’s Lime). Be sure to plant it where it gets lotsa sun!
    Thanks for all your interesting wishes!!

  14. Do it, Chris. A G&T sings like a high thin resonant chime, putting a cold shiver in things, when a twist of your own lime sharpens and florals its edge. A Bear’s lime. Great advice, Joe.

  15. Your messages always always brighten my day. Your positive attitude helps. Thanks Caryl

  16. Try to find a Mexican Lime tree and put it in a big pot rather that the ground. I have a terrific recipe for a two layer Key Lime pie that will make your toes curl.

  17. We wish you were our friend! Come to Huntington Beach for lunch. Bring your people!
    Jim & Kathy Dowling

  18. I wish your posts would not go to spam as sometimes I miss them. I have tried resubscrbveing many times.

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