The Wedding Recap

There was a wedding. It went very well. Rapunzel shined. The lovely and patient maid of honor glowed. Smartacus nailed the blessing.

Oh, sure, someone bit someone else during the bouquet toss. And the flower girl (Cakes) stole the show — don’t they always?

Read a full report of the Chicago wedding in our print reports (Outlook, Glendale News-Press, Park La Brea News, etc.), or in Saturday’s post right here.

As we speak, I am road-tripping around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, buying up all the smoked trout and then heading to Mackinac Island for some fudge and R & R.


7 thoughts on “The Wedding Recap

  1. A little So Cal doggerel…

    While You Were Out

    While you were out skylarking
    In the lower peninsula
    Here the sky was darkening
    The wind a great brouhaha;
    While you were at the wedding
    Or on the porch of The Grand Hotel
    Here storm surf, the beaches shredding
    Many inches of driving rain fell;
    In your ears the horse clop of Macinac
    Here the shriek of a hurricane
    Yard filled with leaves when you come back
    There: two lakes, the green strait, and no rain;

    Media rejoiced in disaster
    And wished the eye was coming faster
    The drone of politics was paused
    While many silent fingers crossed;
    Home Depot sold out of sand bags
    Palms frequently reduced to rags
    Countless roads became a river
    And Amazon refused to deliver;
    Most huddled in their darkened homes
    Or stacked sandbags in flood line zones
    And peered at wild clouds’ glowering
    Knowing this was more than showering;

    Por exeplar: Palm Spring’s streets
    Filled with San Jacinto’s rocky treats
    Brown torrent pouring a classic drown
    On this desert oasis of a town;
    Its palm tree’s thrashing bend and sway
    The perfect meme for a hurricane day
    Hidden sun longing to burn
    It all away for your sunny return;
    Your sodden readers ask only when
    The tales of your forays will begin
    Their own storm of words, to dry the brain
    And wash storm debris down memory’s lane
    That bright day when you come back again…

    The emotional report on Saturday next, in keeping with the promised text.

  2. What a lovely wedding! The bride, her sister and brother radiated love, happiness, joy. I know their mother is beaming.

  3. Beautiful bride! Lovely pics of everyone. Cakes is absolutely precious, of course. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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