My fourth book is now out. Titled “Lavender in Your Lemonade,” it is a compilation of the daily diary I did on the pandemic, little lifelines to help us through the day. 

“The worst of times brought out the best of him,” wrote author and “Seinfeld” producer Peter Mehlman, in the foreword.

In recent years, “his voice and point of view took on the beauty and bittersweetness of an Irish tenor,” wrote publisher Mike Sager, a veteran of Esquire magazine, who came up with the compilation through his press, The Sager Group.

“Every word, every sentence Chris Erskine writes makes me want to salute him with two fingers of Jameson in shared grief, love, laughter, and life,” wrote fellow columnist Gustavo Arellano, of The Times.

What will you think? 

If you liked Bombeck or Barry, I suspect you’ll also like this book. Like life in 2020, it is sometimes antic, other times wistful. It very much reflects the back-and-forth with readers as we navigated this frantic year.

Thanks, Chris

An Excerpt:

Of all my captors, I love White Fang the best. As you know, she was born in a whisky barrel in an old mining camp. My wife Posh won her in a poker game, before realizing, “Hey, this dog’s a wolf!” 

“The worst of times brought out the best of him.”

– Peter Mehlman, former seinfeld writer/producer, author of #measwel and mandela was late


“If I have to come and hand sell this book to each of you, I’ll do it. This book is so funny and so good―and so short and so elegantly published―that you will be thrilled to own it. I tracked the guy down with a fan letter. A+”

– Caitlin Flanagan, contributing editor of the Atlantic and former staff writer at the new yorker


Chris Erskine hits nothing but home runs. His work is replete with wit, context, perception, and almost always a healthy dose of compassion. I’ve loved his columns for years. You will, too.

AL MICHAELS, Legendary Sportscaster

However you slice it, fatherhood has provided Erskine with some great material.