Chris Erskine

Writer, Father, Friend and Foe

Chris Erskine is a lifelong writer who often thinks he’s funny. Sometimes others think so, too. Sometimes he makes them cry but it’s unclear if it’s because they’re offended or moved by his writing. We’ll probably never know.

the lovely and patient older daughter (site manager)

Based in Los Angeles, CA

“Charming, well written, concise, and to the point. Perfect for anyone who enjoys stories of fatherhood.”

– Library Journal

In the tradition of Erma Bombeck, Chris Erskine finds the funny in everyday family life.

When the kids and the pet wolf fail to inspire him, he turns to his street gang of friends, folks like Billable Bob (his attorney) and Big-Wave Dave (his personal drinking coach).

For 25 years in the Los Angeles Times, and in papers across the nation, his columns explored the absurdities of suburban fatherhood. Free of adult supervision, he now uses this website as his therapist’s couch.

He thanks you for your years of reading, your feedback and your patience.

In addition to his writing, Chris Erskine is available for:

  • Speaking appearances
  • Readings
  • Event emcee or host
  • Award presentations
  • Writing lessons
  • Freelance writing
  • Speech writing